by Wake of Humanity

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Bitter Melody Records - Domestic US release
Ugly & Proud Records - European release


released November 2, 2018

Wake of Humanity is:

Chris LaPointe – vocals
Jeremy Gruenewald – guitars, vocals
MJ Gruenewald – drums
Michael Chinn – bass

Jessica Kitzman – cello on “Fight/Resist”
Carey Fegel – additional vocals on “Alone & Broken”/crew

Recorded and engineered at Studio Litho in Seattle, WA June – July, 2018 by Matt Bayles
Mixed by Matt Bayles at Red Room in Seattle, WA
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, OR
Artwork and layout by Dylan Garret Smith


all rights reserved



Wake of Humanity Seattle, Washington

For the animals. For the environment.
For human justice.

Banner photo: Alejandra Potter Gimeno


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Track Name: The New Storm
Feel the tension 
A new storm is building 
Run for cover 
A new storm is coming 
Dark clouds descend 
This is not a test 
This is our storm 
We’ll strike first 
To rewrite the past 
Of total oppression 
Dismantle the system  
Burn it to the ground
Start all over again 
This is our storm
Every single day
Track Name: Bled Dry
Bleeding our life's blood dry before it has time to replenish
No respect, no regard, no fucking conscience. 
Consume/Consume/Consume & Consume 
with reckless abandon. 

When will you be satisfied? 
You greedy narcissistic fucks
 can't see an inch past your face. 
Value beyond commodity 
Is a concept you fail to realize. 
Your coffers are lined 
with the blood and suffering 
of 60 billion animals; 
slaughtered every year 
to feed, clothe and entertain you.

You won't be happy 
until Mother Earth is bled the fuck dry. 

Bleed it 
(Nearly 8 billion humans have signed the dotted line for the earths demise. 
Each and every one of us are guilty as charged for signing Mother Earth’s death certificate) .
You’ve signed the dotted line.
Track Name: It's Still Not Enough
Welcome the darkness/still not enough
The end is nigh/still not enough 

Continue the fight/still not enough 

Sharpen the blades/still not enough

It's still not enough

Afraid to seem weak in the face of fear 

Everything we work for is torn down year by year

No food to eat. Can't make rent
. The elite profit at our expense 

Fight and resist, every chance you get 

If we don't stand up/nothing will change

If we don't speak up now/nothing will change

If we don't act now/nothing will change  

Nothing Will Change!

Got no use for a system
 that breaks the hand of the weak

A slow march to a silent death, 
9 to 5/5 days a week

Fed a pill called the American dream
 but a living nightmare is our reality
 (guess what?)
 It's still not enough 

We just want to make this world a better place 

We still can't breathe 
With their hands wrapped around our throats 

We still can't breathe 
Track Name: Alone & Broken
Straight edge saved my life 
It matters not what you say 

Immune to your arrogant judgement

Your negative outlook means nothing to me

This has nothing to do with you

This time it's all about me

I said I'd never write this song 

I said I wouldn’t give you the time of day

I said I wouldn’t waste my breath on you 

I said I wouldn’t waste my life on fools

That’s right I said…
But you forced my hand 

Bridges that you’ve burned, they won’t be rebuilt

Is that something that you’re proud of? 

So self-consumed, so unaware 

Take what you can 

Give nothing in return 

Erase you from my life 

You’ll die alone and broken 

Straight edge saved my life  
Track Name: Different Demons
(I want out) Haven't seen the sun in a hundred days or more 

The cloud layer has settled at sea level

The distain has built up

Feeling trapped. 
No relief, no relief in sight 


Compounding the pain 

Magnifying the isolation

Asphyxiating, yet left alive in utter misery 

I want out

But at times I want it all 

In love with this world

So vivid are the colors littering the landscape 
with awe and perfection

The heart is full…then come the clouds

Colors fade to grey 

I want out 

Don't know what to do, I know no way, I know no answer

Nameless faces with blank stares 
hold zero reprieve 

Calls for help go unreceived

I dig deep, deeper still with a shovel whose handle is broken. 

Handle the stress it did not

Splinters imbedded deep beneath the surface begin to show blood 
Calloused hands/forced smile 
The taste of iron deep in the back of the throat

Past the rotten teeth, passed the test, failed the exam

The rest is up to you, or so they say 

No relief/constant pain

I want out 
Track Name: To What End?
How is it that we have not yet evolved?

Armed with a history of past mistakes

We move on with little reflection 

Social ladders constructed so tall 

We may never reach the top

Climbing over each other

We fall victim to our own actions 

Insecurities harbor thoughts misdirected 

Resulting in actions misguided 

We trudge on steeped in entitlement 

The top of the ladder remains out of sight 

Issues at hand remain unresolved

To what end?

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