At Capacity

by Wake of Humanity

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    In their first release “At Capacity,” Wake of Humanity delivers a punishing sound of heavy hardcore with thought provoking lyrics that inspire you to make the world a better place. The record begins with a sample of a distant rainstorm and a lone wolf howling as it progresses into the bass driven track WA016F, a lamenting homage to the breeding alpha female of the Teanaway wolf pack who was recently murdered by a poacher just a mere 45 miles from Seattle. The EP wanders through an unapologetic call out of opinionated activists contradicting themselves in “Null and Void” and the horrors, pain and suffering brought on by vivisection in “Without Valor.” The EP concludes with the title track “At Capacity” where LaPointe agitatedly proclaims “WE ARE THE BOTTOM LINE” aimed at how as a species Homo sapiens have completely lost touch with non-human animals, the environment on which we rely and ultimately each other. The crushing breakdown and sing along at the end of the song paves the path for their next release which will prove to be as diversely energetic as it is dark and devastating.

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released September 12, 2015

On this record, Wake of Humanity is:

Chris LaPointe - vocals
Adam Bister - guitars
Michael Chinn - bass
Tom Fuller - drums

Additional vocals by Drew Wilkinson and Niehl Brady.

Recorded, engineered and mixed by Derek Moree at the Red Room and The Boiler Room, Seattle, WA from March-August 2015.

Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, OR in September 2015.



all rights reserved


Wake of Humanity Seattle, Washington

For the animals. For the environment.
For human justice.

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Track Name: WA 016F
Close to home

Total obliteration
Systematic extermination
Trapped, poisoned and shot
Living on the brink of extinction

Before the humans,
Before the greed,
Before the ruins,
Before the machines

Free to roam, lands unspoiled
From the mountains, over ridges, to the sound

Close to home
Close to

Total obliteration
Systematic extermination
Fear begets murder
Dying on behalf of hubris

Living on the brink of extinction
Dying on behalf of hubris
Track Name: Null and Void
I always knew you were a fucking fake
I saw it coming from a mile away
Those who shout the loudest always seem to fall the hardest

You're face first in death
And I'm bitter like the blood on your breath

Your words mean nothing
Your actions are null and void

A stance once held so fucking strong
But you chose a different path
The war continues, and we fight harder
Until the end and with meaning
Until every fucking cage is empty

Some commitments are written in sand
Only to be washed out by the next tide
While others choose to write their commitments in stone

I choose stone
We choose stone
Until the end
You choose sand
You gave up
You gave in

Words and actions
Null and void
Track Name: Without Valor
I hang my head
Words lost to tongue
Mouth parched, dry
Wounded, bleeding, pierced

Close to the heart, a shortness of breath
A narrow escape
Staring death in the face

You said you were true
Yet false you ride
You said you were true
As your victims die

Left behind, discarded
In the name of science
A pointless, vicious death
Experimentation is an abomination
I will never come to understand your profession
It reeks the stench of rotting flesh, bleeding eyes and shattered bone

I think, I care, I live with compassion
Without valor, you die a fraud
Track Name: At Capacity
We are the bottom line

Ideals fall short and fail to align with reality
Connections lost to convenience

We continue to bargain at any cost
To obtain comfort, we destroy the natural world

How many more species must go extinct?
How many more natural disasters must we endure?
How many more ecosystems must collapse until we realize
We've reached the threshold
Too many humans breeding us into oblivion

We are the bottom line